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When you decide to ship something with our help, you firstly will need to provide us with the size, weight and type of your package or a freight…

Then you choose the destination and delivery type - meaning it will be either a S.A-wide or international shipping; a courier delivery or just the shipping

At the end of the filing process you’ll be provided with a unique package number, which you’ll be able to use for Tracking the shipping progress via our website!
Our People

InterlogPorts Inc is committed to conducting business in an ethical and honest manner in its dealings with employees, clients, Shareholders, agents, suppliers and the community. InterlogPorts Inc is also dedicated to compliance with applicable laws and regulations and to maintain the highest standards of ethical and honest conduct in everything the company does.

Our Environment

InterlogPorts Inc is committed to continuous improvement in the safety performance of those providing our services and the environmental impact of our business by:
Reducing the impact of our corporate operations on the environment by reducing waste; minimizing releases to air, water and land; and using energy and raw materials efficiently;
Focusing on the safety of the travelling public, our van operators and employees;
Ensuring compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations;
Reducing waste by minimizing the amount of materials sent to landfills through reuse and recycling programs;
Providing direction to improve the environmental performance of our agents, contractors and employees;
Setting and reviewing appropriate environmental objectives and targets.
Global shipping expertise.

Shipping across country is one thing. But to ship across borders, continents, and oceans, you need to know so much more. We bring you guidance and expertise in route selection, shipping requirements, customs, air freight, and more. Because we know that mastering the challenges of international shipping can help bring your products to the world. Our offices and people-located strategically around the world-speak your language and focus on your global logistics goals.

Local, yet Global.

As we apply our local, yet global approach, we help you build confidence in your supply chain. We help you plan routes and freight services, manage shipments, and answer questions. We fill the information gaps that trouble you-like tracking ocean freight when it’s out to sea, before it arrives at the port. In the end, you gain a deeper insight into your global business.

Logistics that makes global supply chains stronger.

When you work with us, you get local attention and global logistics expertise, enabling you to move your products anywhere. Our logistics experts drive value into your international freight shipments. We bring best practices and methods and Navisphere® technology for global supply chain visibility. With this combination, you can boost your supply chain efficiency and erase the information gaps that used to keep you up at night.
Freight Tracking via InterlogPorts Inc®

Track air/ocean freight shipments with a HAWB, Shipper, Consignee or Third-Party Reference Number

LTL Transport Tracking.

Track LTL Common Carrier shipments with a unique freight tracking number issued by InterlogPorts Inc® Logistics.

At InterlogPorts Inc®, we offer efficient and comprehensive transportation services throughout the Globe, InterlogPorts Inc® Logistics delivers outstanding customer service for every shipment we handle. We incorporate the latest technology and cutting-edge logistics and transportation management tools to ensure that you receive the fastest delivery times possible for your valuable shipment.

We work with leading LTL companies to deliver a low-cost solution for smaller shipments that require only a fraction of the space available in an exclusive truckload. By grouping shipments with similar destination points and moving them in one run, InterlogPorts Inc® Logistics can provide significant cost savings for your shipments while ensuring fast, safe delivery across the Cities or across the countries.
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Office & Industrial
Our office moving specialists will help you meet your relocation objectives while planning for business continuity. They will help you coordinate your move in phases to ensure critical office assets and systems experience minimal downtime due to transit and installation.

Logistics Solutions from End to End
InterlogPorts Inc Logistics provides Transportation, Freight, Warehousing and Distribution Services to companies in over 180 countries around the globe.

Customs Solutions
InterlogPorts Inc Logistics provides data-driven analysis and network design services to help facilitate cost savings within your supply network. Our analysts and engineers can help you visualize your supply chain data and help you identify areas of demand and opportunity.
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Road, Train, Air or overseas we got you covered. 24/7 Customer support